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Digitally-Controlled Tunable Products

K&L Microwave offers a variety of Tunable Filter Products to satisfy a broad range of filtering applications. Tunable Bandpass and Bandreject filters provide the best solution for pre-tuning the desired signals while rejecting the interfering signals. The method of tuning can be either mechanical via a tuning knob mounted on the front of the filter, or electro-mechanical via an optional remote digital interface such as GPIB, RS-232, RS-422, BCD, ARC171, ARC234, Ethernet, USB or “Thumbwheel” panel mount. Manually tuned filters have a separate product section on this site. Digitally-Controlled Tunable Filter Products are shown below.

Control Logic Key/Code:

  • A = RS232 (serial)
  • B = RS422 (serial)
  • C = SDLC (serial)
  • E = BCD (parallel)
  • F = Binary (parallel)
  • G = IEEE-488 (parallel)
  • H = ARC171
  • J = ARC234
  • K = Thumbwheel
  • L = Ethernet
  • M = USB

Drive Voltage Key/Code:

  • Q = 12-14 VDC
  • R = 24-28 VDC
  • S = 110 VAC
  • T = 220 VAC

Infrared Sensor Key/Code: I for Infrared Sensor

Digital Interface Example: GRI means IEEE-488, 24-28 VDC, and Infrared Sensor

Tunable filters can be offered to cover frequencies as low as 800KHz, or as high as 18GHz. K&L Microwave offers Tunable Filters from stock, which cover many popular frequencies for applications such as military communications and wireless bands. Depending on the specific application, the tuning ranges can exceed an octave.


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