BSC – Interdigital



Interdigital Filters

BSC Interdigital filters use quarter-wave length resonators which offer a versatile high Q filter, suitable for most Microwave applications where good performance in a reasonably-sized package is required.

Using rectangular rods machined from solid, Interdigital filters offer extremely symmetrical responses, even for very wideband filters. Advanced manufacturing techniques make our Interdigital filters extremely rugged and reliable with outstanding high Q performance.

Bandwidths from 0.5% to 75% are achieved by utilising coupling structures, permitting a wide range of bandwidths. To achieve wider stopbands BSC use either additional tubular lowpass filters or a Combline structure.

  • Frequency Range: 800MHz to 30GHz
  • Bandwidth: 0.5% to 75%
  • Stopband: up to 2.5 times Fc