BSC – Thin Film



Thin Film Filters

Beyond the limits of traditional substrates, Thin Film technology facilitates huge reductions in footprint, whilst maintaining market-leading performance.

Miniaturisation of RF Filtering requires an entirely specialised approach to design and manufacture. Surpassing conventional Thin Film technology, BSC utilises materials that offer significant advantages over the traditional Alumina solutions, with improved size, loss, temperature stability and manufacturing repeatability.

For surface-mount applications where real-estate is critical, BSC Thin Film devices offer performance otherwise unachievable in such a small space. Unique high-k substrates enable high-Q filters to be realised many times smaller than more traditional ceramic or air dielectric-based structures. Thin Film devices offer SAW-style miniaturisation, operating up to 18 GHz, and offering much greater bandwidths.

The manufacturing process involves tight control and characterisation of the substrate material using highly refined, proprietary techniques. Stringent processing procedures control the tolerances required during manufacture to necessitate absolute accuracy; this in turn precipitates repeatability. Thin Film solutions are attractive not only for their miniaturisation but for high-volume applications in mass-produced modules or phased array antennas.

Combline structure
centred at 7.5 GHz.
Size 9 x 7 mm.
Interdigital structure
centred at 4 GHz.

Size 9 x 9 mm.

Interdigital structure
centred at 9.5 GHz.
Size 9 x 7 mm.

6-Channel X-Band Switched Filter Bank


  • Frequency Range: 2 GHz to 18 GHz
  • Bandwidth: 5% to Multi-octave


  • Bandpass
  • Lowpass
  • Highpass
  • Bandstop


  • Phased Arrays
  • UAVs and Missiles
  • High-volume Applications
  • Small-size, Low-mass Applications
  • Temperature-stable Applications