BSC – Waveguide Waffle Iron LP



Waveguide Waffle Iron

BSC Filters’ Waffle Iron filters make use of their internal construction to suppress unwanted Waveguide modes.

Featuring broad stopbands and low insertion loss, they are ideal for rejecting transmitter harmonics.

Waveguide Waffle Iron filters are only suitable as a lowpass in the frequency range 1.5GHz to 60GHz, but can be matched across the complete waveguide range if necessary. By suppressing all the unwanted waveguide nodes, waffle iron filters can achieve rejection of up to four times the passband frequency BSC have manufactured Waffle Iron filters at 3GHz with over 100kW of power handling, as well as many others in the 40 to 60GHz band.

  • Bandwidth: 1% to 40%
  • Stopbands: Up to 4 times Fc
  • Frequency Range: 1.5 to 60GHz
  • Broad stopband: low loss
  • Ideal for rejection of Tx harmonics



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