Cal-chip – Inductors

Cal-chip – Inductors



  • TCF Series (Thin Film Chip Inductors – High SRF, excellent Q and stability for wireless applications)
  • CD Series (SMD Power Inductors)
  • CS Series (Shielded SMD Power Inductors)
  • CSDB Series (Shielded SMD Ferrite Core Power Inductors)
  • CCD Series (SMD Power Inductor)
  • CDB Series (Shielded Wire Wound Power Inductors)
  • CSDS Series (Shielded Low Profile Wirewound SMD Power Inductors)
  • GLF Series (Multilayer Chip Inductors)
  • GHF Series (Multilayer Chip Inductors for High Frequency)
  • NL Series (Molded Chip Wirewound Inductors)
  • WB Series (Wire Wound Chip Inductors – Standard, Low Profile and High Q/High Current Options)
  • SCS Series (Shielded SMD Power Inductors)
  • SSL Series (SMD Power Inductor High Current: Open Wound)
  • CMH Series (Common Mode Choke with Ferrite Core Chip Inductors)



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