OKAYA – Display Products



LCDs have found their way into just about every type of product. From handheld electronics to clothing items and medical devices to industrial equipment, the desire to integrate highly functional and aesthetically pleasing display technology into electronic projects has never been greater. OKAYA offers many different LCD types and sizes for a wide range of application possibilities. When standard parts don’t quite meet your needs, OKAYA offers many customizations as simple as custom cable lengths all the way to completely customized icon displays.


Perfect replacements for TN/STN/FSTN character and graphic displays. A variety of colors and resolutions from 8×2 to 256×64 are available.


The standard for full color graphic applications and designs. Diagonal sizes range from 1.44” to over 12.1”.

Graphic LCD

Graphic LCD modules are your first stop when simple text is not sufficient for a design.  Available in resolutions ranging from 98×32 up to 320×240.

Character LCD

A simple and effective means of adding standard text into a product design. Sizes range from 8 characters in 2 rows up to 40 characters in 4 row

Chip on Glass LCD

Monochrome LCDs with per-pixel control of the display buffer. This helps to reduce the size and cost of the display.