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MAC8 – THF Series Solderable Threaded Spacer

This spacer can be mounted automatically by a chip mounter and mounted to the PCB via reflow process, Since the bottom is closed, there is no adsorption film.

Application Example

  • Customer name : H&F Electronics B.V.
  • Application : Coffee vending machine
  • Mac8 part number : THF-1.6-3.0-M2
  • Purpose : Mount mechanical assembly of electronic module

Effect on Application

  • Because it is possible to do automatic insertion via SMT process, it minimizes time used for processing manual work.
  • Since the bottom of THF Series spacers are closed, it prevents excess solder tin from wave soldering entering the spacer.

Example of Selective Wave Soldering

  • If you have a PCB with mixed components (SMT and through hole components) the first step in production is to assemble the SMT components followed by reflow soldering. Then the through hole components are assembled by hand followed by wave soldering. THF-1.6-3.0-M2 is soldered by reflow soldering. To avoid that solder tin of the wave soldering going into this spacer the bottom is closed.
  • If you have only a few through hole components it’s more common to solder them by selective wave. This is a small nozzle with solder tin that only goes to the programmed areas, it’s faster

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