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TT Electronics Participates in MD&M West, the World’s Largest Medical Design and Manufacturing Event

3 September 2021

Following an 18-month hiatus in trade shows, TT Electronics was thrilled to exhibit at MD&M West in Anaheim, California earlier this month to showcase our design-led technology solutions that help our customers shape the future of healthcare

We recently announced our new collaboration with Radwave Technologies to bring to market a new electromagnetic tracking system for surgical navigation. We had the opportunity to demo the exciting new technology together at our booth.

We provide non-contact, Hall-effect sensors, infrared optical switches, and optical arrays that can detect the presence of objects, fluid level, or fluid inside of a tube.

Hemodialysis is the most common method used to treat advanced and permanent kidney failure. In hemodialysis, the patient’s blood is allowed to flow through a machine with a special filter that removes wastes and extra fluids. The clean blood is then returned to the patient’s bloodstream.

AThe electronic content of devices for medical applications continues to rise steadily as medical science develops new techniques and electronic engineering supplies new solutions. At the same time, these devices are leaving the confines of hospitals and serving the growing community-based and home-based healthcare markets.

This application note aims to guide the designer in selecting the optimum components for all these areas. It should be read in conjunction with the full product datasheets.

OPB350 Fluid Sensor for Hemodialysis

Medical Resistor

Opto for Medical Tri Fold

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