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WHPC: Thick Film High Power Chip Resistors: Extra-High-Power Range

12 November 2021

Compact power – 1W in 0508 – 1.5W in 0612 – 2W in 1020

WHPC0508X, WHPC0612X and WHPC1020X are part of the WHPC series and offer an extra-high-power range of chip resistors. Featuring inverse geometry, these chip resistors have very high thermal contact with the PCB and low internal thermal impedance. As a result, it is possible to support two to three times conventional ratings for the same footprint, without relying on excessive PCB copper heatsink areas. The three WHPC types are fully AEC-Q200 qualified and offer a wide range of values from 1R0 to 1M0 and tolerances down to 0.5%.


  • Three inverse sizes
  • Rating of 2W in 1020 footprint
  • Rating of 1.5W in 0612 footprint
  • Rating of 1W in 0508 footprint
  • Tolerance down to 0.5%
  • Robust thick film technology
  • AEC-Q200 qualified


  • The use of a high-power density part reduces the PCB footprint required
  • Low thermal impedance minimises the temperature rise and enhances reliability of the assembly
  • High surge tolerance of thick film technology gives reliable product performance under surge circuit conditions

Ideal Applications

  • Power supply
  • Motor drive
  • Actuator control
  • Active capacitor bleed
  • IGBT gate drive

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