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ZPAK™ High Thermal Performance Bridge Rectifiers


Dimensional Highlights
Z4GP40MH (4A/1000V)

  • Low profile – ideal for designs with height concerns
  • Space-saving footprint – minimize PCB layout space

High Current Capability

  • High current capability in smaller packages, matching directly with larger packages


The Z4GP40MH(4A/1000V) application example.


The high performance fast chargers and adapters is an increasingly growing market, where trends in design choices have already begun to rise. Special attention is given to miniaturization of such chargers and adapters with higher efficiency. ZOWIE SMD BRIDGE has the best efficiency with AllGaN Power IC. And we also provide the miniaturization can help you to reduce the design bulk!

Please refer to ONSEMI Design Note of DN05101/D


The best efficiency in this solution! We help to reduce the bulk about 60% and help to improve performance about 3%. At the meantime, Z4GP40MH has the lowest surface temperature in this solution.

Please refer to TI User’s Guide of #UCC28780EVM-002 45-W 20-V High Density GaN Active-Clamp Flyback Converter.


The UCC28780EVM-002 is a 45-W evaluation module (EVM) for evaluating an off-line active-clamp flyback adapter for notebook charging and other applications. The UCC28780EVM-002 converts input voltage of 90-VRMS to 264-VRMS down to 20-VDC, with a 2.25-A nominal output current rating and a 160-ms limit for over-power capability. The main devices used in this design are active clamp flyback controller UCC28780, SR controller UCC24612, Z4GP40MH and GaN MOSFET Power IC NV6117 and NV6115.


Focus Products
1. Z4GP30MPH (3A/1000V)

2. Z4GP40MH (4A/1000V)

3. Z4GP60JH THRU Z4GP60MH (6A/600V~1000V)

4. Z4RGP30MAPH (3A/1000V/Trr=250ns)

5. Z4RGP30MPH (3A/1000V/Trr=500ns)