Pole Zero

Pole/Zero analyzes, designs, builds and supports interference mitigation and spectral purification solutions for industrial and defense manufacturers and integrators of RF/microwave electronics.

Communication equipment in close quarters such as commercial and military aircraft, ship, and ground vehicles can experience severe RF interference issues. This can often result in serious consequences, especially in defense electronics.

In this cosite environment it is difficult to adjust acceptable transmit power, and receive sensitivity to acceptable levels simultaneously. As a result the receiver may lose weak signals at a critical time.

Pole/Zero designs and manufactures RF filters to control this cosite related problem. With its full line of digitally tunable RF filters including bandpass filters (NANO-POLE®, MICRO-POLE®, MINI-POLE®, MAXI-POLE®, POWER-POLE® and MEGA-POLE®), notch filters and Integrated Cosite Equipment (ICE) Pole/Zero can effectively solve most interference issues.

Since 1989, Pole/Zero has developed and fielded products to expand the linear dynamic range of communications products from 1.5 MHz to 3 GHz. Success in providing customers with quality products and services has resulted in continued growth since it was founded in 1989. Through constant product, technology, and process development, Pole/Zero continues to expand its role as the leading supplier of unique, cost-effective solutions to solve difficult RF problems.