TTE – High Power Resistors


Designing with High Power Resistors

High power resistors are used to dissipate unwanted electrical energy, or as resistive heaters for the deliberate generation of heat. They are often designed for mounting onto a heatsink or housing surface to maximise thermal transfer away from the resistor. Designing with high power resistors requires an appreciation of the methods of thermal management.

Standard semiconductor packages may be used for power ratings in the 10s of watts, and these are ideal for compact solutions as snubbers, high current sense and automotive actuator drive.

For higher powers into the 100s of watts, larger off-PCB products are available. TT Electronics introduced thick film on steel technology for resistive heaters and power resistors, and continues to lead with high reliability designs for the industrial and aerospace sectors.


  • TO-263 surface mount format
  • Ratings up to 35W
  • Very low thermal resistance
  • Non-inductive
  • Thick film with good surge performance
  • Low profile
  • Suitable for board mounting with solder or clip
  • AEC-Q200 qualified


  • TO220 / TO147 through hole format
  • Ratings up to 100W

WDBR series

  • High power low profile thick film on steel power resistors

WH series

  • Heatsink mounting aluminium clad chassis mount resistors