Company Profile

Company Profile

       Maxmega is a one of the leading Singapore electronics representatives and distribution companies as well as product development provider that offers specialty products from high reliability /high performances components , Radio Frequency /Microwave devices to Application Specific Products , LED solutions to Fluidic level sensors system servicing a diverse industry market with clients worldwide. Based in Singapore, Maxmega has its presence in China, Hong Kong, India, Malaysia, Taiwan, and Thailand.

The versatile line up of components represented by the company , makes Maxmega the most-preferred distributor by its clients in Singapore and the region.

Company Philosophy

We, Maxmega Believe in building strategic business partnership with our principle suppliers and customers to achieve significant business growth and create customer needs by providing a comprehensive total products solutions.

Supply Chain Management
MaxMega Electronics always placed customers’ interest as ours and understand customer demands for quality, delivery, and speed. With this objective, we have adopted the Integrated Supply Chain Management strategy to provide our customer with a one-stop service business model via the followings:

  • quicker customer response and fulfillment rates
  • greater productivity and lower costs
  • reduced inventory throughout the chain
  • improved forecasting precision
  • design-in solution
  • select the correct suppliers and increase your productivity
  • improved quality and products that are more technologically advanced
  • enhanced inter-operational communications and cooperation
  • global supply to varies country location
  • order management
  • warehouse management
  • transportation management
  • delivery infrastructure management

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