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HPDC Series – High Power Density Chip Resistors

21 Januari 2022

2.4W in 1206 – 3.5W in 2512 – Aluminium Nitride substrate

HPDC series resistors use an aluminium nitride (AlN) ceramic substrate with about 6 times the thermal conductivity of alumina, the conventional substrate material. Also, they have large area terminations, improving thermal contact with a PCB.
This results in resistors with very high power density and excellent overload withstand. This product can also serve as a heater in a temperature regulated system.


  • Aluminum nitride (AlN) substrate
  • Wide area solder terminations
  • Offers >3 x standard power density
  • Power rating up to 3.5W @70°C
  • Tolerance down to 0.5%
  • Overload rating up to 7.7W for 5s
  • Thick film element


  • The use of a high power density part reduces the PCB footprint required.
  • Low thermal impedance minimises the temperature rise and enhances the reliability of the assembly.
  • High overload withstand gives reliable product performance under high momentary load conditions.

Ideal Applications

  • Power supply
  • Motor drive
  • Actuator control
  • Active capacitor bleed
  • Power amplifier
  • Local heater

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