AEM Inc – Hi-Rel Ferrite Chips

AEM Inc – Hi-Rel Ferrite Chips


HRB / DSCC 03024 Hi-Rel Ferrite Chip Beads

  • Initial AEM HRB 487070 drawing was developed to meet a market need for a hi-rel ferrite chip.
  • DSCC 03024 drawing is the progressive step to meet increasing hi-rel Mil Spec program requirements.
  • AEM’s ferrite chips are intended for high reliability applications where replacement is not an option.
  • All flight components are shipped with Group A & B data with optional Group C.
  • AEM Inc.’s Hi-Rel Ferrite Chips are classified EAR99 under the jurisdiction of the U.S. Department of Commerce.  EAR99 items are eligible for export to most end users as NLR (No License Required); however, there are certain countries and end users for which a license will be required as referenced in EAR part 736. Additionally, a license may be required if the item will be used in the design, development, production, or use in nuclear, chemical, or biological weapons, or ballistic missiles.


  • High reliability where replacement is not an option
  • General noise, EMI and RFI suppression
  • Surface mount


  • No tin whisker worries
  • Tin / lead with 5%+ lead or gold terminations
  • Military temperatures -55ºC to +125ºC
  • Group A / B / C test data
  • Standard EIA / EIAJ chip sizes


  • Certified materials & terminations
  • AEM warranted products
  • Hi-Rel versus Commercial
  • Tested and Qualified
  • AEM Hi-Rel (QPL) manufacturing expertise
  • AEM Specifications
  • SCDs accepted



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