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Test Set Solutions Products

This product category contains specialized low-PIM filter-based offerings for 3GPP/4G/5G LTE test sets and broadband emissions monitoring.

Types of products designed specifically to support 3GPP and LTE band emission monitoring include:

  • Bandpass/Bandstop Duplexers
  • Fixed Notch Filters (usually WSN prefix)
  • Fixed Bandpass Filters (usually WSF prefix)
  • Items covered in the DAS Brochure (see below)
  • Certain Triplexers (usually WSD prefix)
  • HI/LO Duplexers
  • Bandreject/Bandpass/Bandpass Triplexers

Low-PIM levels offered are:

  • -100 dBc
  • “-1” level, or -133 dBc
  • “-2” level, or -156 dBc
  • “-3” level, or -161 dBc

Please see the new main menu LTE Products navigation tab for Test Set Solutions by LTE Band. That will increasingly become a central location for presenting information on products of these types, and our technical sales staff is ready to assist you, as always.

K&L’s most recent DAS Brochure is available for download in PDF format.

Please visit the Low-PIM Solutions page for K&L articles and information on broadband emission monitoring.


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