TT Electronics’ range of RF power MOSFETs is one of the widest available and includes over 100 devices. There is a device for almost any application – from low cost to ultrahigh performance, from 750mW to over 400W, and for frequencies to 1GHz. Parts for 12.5V, 28V and 50V are available in both single-ended and push-pull formats. A comprehensive range of package styles including conventional flange mount, BeO free flange-mount, surface mount and plastic enables TT Electronics devices to be used with any board technology. All parts are fully RoHS compliant.


TT Electronics RF MOSFETs are manufactured using a unique silicon Vertical DMOS process with gold metalisation which gives high performance and maximum reliability at high power levels. Among the benefits of the TT Electronics process are:

  • Ultra-wide band – 1MHz to 1GHz
  • Wide power range – 750mW to 400W
  • Exceptionally low feedback capacitance resulting in:
  • High gain via reduced Miller Effect (20dB VHF, 16dB UHF)
  • High stability
  • Easier design
  • Low Rds(on) for high efficiency (>50%)
  • High breakdown voltage (typically 85V for 28V parts) for exceptional ruggedness (up to 20:1 VSWR withstand)
  • Excellent thermal stability

Packaging and Screening Options

We can provide alternative packaging and customised electrical selection and screening to meet customers’ detailed specifications. Our specialist team has experience in all aspects of RF technology – including not only silicon but also package technology and RF design. As a result we are able to liaise with our customers ‘engineer-to-engineer’ and supply devices that meet the needs of the application precisely.

Continuity of Supply

TT Electronics has a policy of continuing supply on the die technology used in all products and has never discontinued an RF MOSFET die. We are committed to supporting all our RF products indefinitely, and will build any product required by our customers provided only that supplies of the chosen package are available.

  • 12.5V (UP TO 500MHz)
  • 12.5V (UP TO 1GHz)
  • 28V (UP TO 500MHz)
  • 28V (UP TO 1GHz)
  • 50V (UP TO 500MHz)

BeO Free Packaging Technology

The DMD range of RF Power MOSFETs eliminates the BeO portion of the package and replaces it with either a Diamond or Aluminium Nitride substrate.

The Diamond option halves the thermal resistance compared to the BeO version.

Both the Diamond and Aluminium Nitride options give up to 3dB more gain compared to the BeO version, due to lower source inductance.

Same silicon VDMOS die are used to retain exceptional ruggedness.



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