Aerospace Semiconductor Products
Semelab supplies hi-rel discrete semiconductors to manufacturers of space, military and industrial equipment world wide. With a large product base of more than 10500 device types, the company performs assembly, test and screening to international standards entirely in-house. Products supported include silicon transistors, FETS, and diodes of many types in both modern and traditional packages. Custom processing, packaging, testing and screening is readily available, based on our vast experience in this area. Innovative Aerospace products include space-saving component-array solutions, Silicon Carbide high temperature diodes, and thermally engineered power modules in a variety of technologies.

Power Semiconductors and Modules
Semelab power products include high technology ultra-soft recovery diodes, rectifier diodes, power MOSFETs, Smartpack modules and custom power solutions. Using in-house capability Semelab can design and manufacture power modules to meet a wide range of needs; circuits and packages are created to fit customers’ exact requirements based on the most appropriate device and package technologies available. Full thermal modelling ensures reliable performance, and all products can be screened and tested to international specifications. GaAs FETs are now being added to our list of power products.

Semelab RF MOSFETs have been chosen by leading transmitter manufacturers world-wide to power private mobile radio equipment. With a wide range of devices, extremely rugged performance and very high efficiency they offer the ideal solution for this market sector. Custom devices based on existing die can be designed if needed, and RF power modules – which integrate many discrete functions in a single package – are available to customer specifications.

Opto Products and Systems
A wide range of PIN photodiodes are available as standard products, with a wide choice of lenses and filters. Also available are a range of hybrid detectors with on-board amplification and a full opto design and consultancy service.

Product range includes:-
MOSFET Product

  • MOSFETs Modules

Bipolar Product

  • Resistors
  • Discrete Bipolar Transistors
  • Hi-Rel Arrays
  • Traditional Metal Packages
Modules Product

  • Custom Power Modules
  • Multi-Chip Arrays
  • Opto Sensor Modules

Diodes Product

  • DLCC
  • Hi-Rel Discrete
  • Diode Modules
  • C3-Class
  • Diode Arrays
  • Gallium Arsenide