Senin Technology

Senin Technology

3D Molded Interconnect Device (MID) technology is the lastest innovative technology that replaces Rigid circuit boards by utilizing a 3-dimensional circuit on molded plastic . This allow a more compact integration of electronics components to fit into the available space for small applications

As many devices continue to get smaller and more compact , there are many challenges to fit into the application with wires and components using conventional circuit boards . As such, many markets will benefits from 3D MID technology from Senin.

Senin 3D-MID technologies are able to make the current product smaller and lighter, which is ideal solution not limited to hearing aids, implants and surgical (endoscope) and dental instruments. The technology has no limit in usage including advance developments in the areas of wearables, Transducer , antenna applications ; automotive steering wheels, ADAS etc.

MID Technology can realize the Highly Integrated Device

Molded Interconnect Device

Molded Interconnect Device
Mechatronics Integrated Device(redefined at 3D-MID,eV, in Wurzburg,Germany, 2018)

  • Injection molded component on which circuit traces are directly applied
  • Both electronic and mechanical functions integrated

We joined 3-D MID,e.V February,2022.
Molded Interconnect Device

Benefits of our 3D MID

Benefits of our 3D MID 1
Benefits of our 3D MID 2
Benefits of our 3D MID

  • Miniaturization/ Weight Reduction
  • Higher design flexibility
  • Greater functional density

3D MID for feedthrough connector

Current Connector
3D MID for feedthrough connector

  • Suitable for Gas/Smart meter
  • Cost effective material instead of glass
  • SMT available on the top of connector

Structure : 3D MID

Material :

Pin Brass Ni Au Plating
Base Material LCP PPS Ceramics
Junction Solder AuSn

Airtightness : 1×10-9↓ Pa m3/s

Reliability Test (min.hours and cycle)

  • Heat shock -40⇔+80 by30 minutes 1000cycle
  • High humidity :60°C×240hrs. 70°C×3500hrs.
  • High temp.hum. :70°C、 95%RH 240hrs.
  • Low humidity :-30°C×240hrs.

Future Feasibility

Future Feasibility