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TFHP Series – Thin Film High Power AlN Chip Resistors

16 September 2022

6W in 2512 – 0.1%, 25ppm/°C – Aluminium nitride substrate

TFHP series brings a combination of high power and high precision into a single resistor product. The high ratings of up to 6W at 70°C are achieved mainly by the use of an aluminium nitride (AlN) ceramic substrate which has about 6 times the thermal conductivity of alumina. The resistors offer 0.1% and 25ppm/°C accuracy in applications with high continuous or momentary loads.


  • Power rating 6W in 2512 size
  • Power rating 2W in 1206 size
  • Aluminium nitride substrate
  • Large termination soldering area
  • Precision to 0.1%, 25ppm/°C


  • The use of a high power density part reduces the PCB footprint required.
  • Low thermal impedance minimises the temperature rise and enhances the reliability of the assembly.
  • High overload withstand gives reliable product performance under high momentary load conditions.

Ideal Applications

  • Precision power supply
  • Battery cell balancing
  • Power amplifier
  • Process control

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