BSC – Modules



Modules & Integrated Filter-Based Solutions

Building on a quarter of a century of filter heritage, BSC also design & manufacture fully integrated, multi-function assemblies and sub-systems. In addition to RF design capability, our Engineering team includes specialists in software, control & electronics, maximising the higher-level benefits of a modular, turnkey subsystem approach.

Our in-house design & manufacture capability extends to: –

  • Switching
  • Amplifiers (Small signal & power)
  • Couplers
  • Dividers & Combiners
  • Frequency Conversion
  • Synthesisers
  • Limiters
  • Gain Control & Power Monitoring
  • Built-in Test
  • TTL, Serial/Parallel, Ethernet Control & Telemetry
  • Power Supply & Conditioning
  • FPGA & Microcontroller-based Function

Clean Room & Wire Bonding Facility

Our Class 10,000 clean room and deep-access wedge bonding facility allows bare die MMIC and Thin Film filter integration, including hybrid filter & substrate technologies.

Bespoke MMIC, Amplifiers & Limiters

For applications, which require non-standard performance characteristics, BSC have expertise and industry relationships that allow us to design & secure the manufacture of bespoke, optimised MMIC devices.

Software & Firmware

Many BSC products incorporate software in their manufacture & operation. Our capabilities extend from proprietary automated test & alignment systems to industry-standard control interfaces for user control & re-programming of devices in-situ.