Dow-Key – Switching Systems



Switching Systems

Dow-Key Microwave Corporation, the world’s largest manufacturer of RF Switch Matrices, Tx/RF Switching Solutions and Optical Switching Systems. Dow-Key integrates larger scaled switching systems:

RF Switch Matrices

Dow-Key Microwave Corporation integrates larger scaled switching systems using its own coaxial switches (electromechanical switches). Using an electromechanical matrix allows users to route multiple RF signals to multiple output paths, in the form of Crossbar, Fan-Out, Fan-In.

Tx/Rx Switching Solutions

Dow-Key solid state matrices are precision made switching systems, manufactured using solid state switches that are configured as a Fan-In Matrix, Combines all input signals and routes them simultaneously to the same output path. or Fan-Out Matrix, Divides the input signal so that it can be routed simultaneously to different output paths.

Optical Switching

Dow-Key fiber optic matrices are designed to switch signals in pure optical domain with the use of MEMS switches.