Noritake itron – Capacitive Switch


Luxurious design – photo etched with precision
The touch switch circuitry is photo-etched directly on the rear of the glass preventing discolouration and deterioration to give a lifetime of >40 years
The design can be photo-etched to a precision of 10µm with no limitation on shape or pattern. The maximum size panel is 320x240mm.
The Touch Switch is available in reflective, piano black, white, and transparent and is fully customizable to meet your application needs.
The low impedance of our metallic touch switch makes it ideal for noisy applications compared with ITO touch panels
Fast and easy evaluation with example Touch Switch modules
Touch switch modules support rapid evaluation of sensitivity and quality with in built controller providing many switch activation options in combination with LED back lighting. Open collector or serial interfaces are possible to allow direct interfacing to your product.